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    for everyone, everywhere, anytime.
We games for all to enjoy.
We games for
to enjoy.


At Ancient Peacock we believe games are what makes living fun across all life. We design & develop games for everyone to enjoy. 


We are a publisher centric studio. We work closely with our partners to capitalize on their expretise & develop profitable games. 


We value talent more than anything. We embrace diversity, creativity & fairness and build our culture around those values.


We offer various investment opportunities in various stages with mutliple exit options for individual investors or funds. 

Games for everyone, everywhere, anytime.

Games are our passion, and we believe every person should be able to experience the fun of playing games regardless of any differences they might have.

We believe in the power of games and play. To be able to escape from the seriousness of the modern world and immerse in a much different reality even for a short time is a gift that comes with good game design. Good game design is when the creativity of the player is allowed to let loose and roam freely, making decisions and expressing itself to experience the outcomes of those decisions within the world of game, 

While we ideate, design & develop our games we aim to create worlds that create enjoyable and memorable experiences through emergent events. 

For everyone. 


Bulldozer Dash

Mad Waiter! 3D

Fashion Faux-Pas

Smash Chop Slice

Honey Flow Puzzle

Cheater & Unfaithful

Coming soon

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