A Letter;

At Ancient Peacock we are working towards building our company culture. We want to create a collaborative environment where solution-oriented dialogues emerge frequently within modular teams working together to achieve the best possible results. Where people feel free to speak up, where people know where their value is praised and where their effort is fairly & equally compensated.

We know that kind of culture is built around values and not solely on intentions but also systems, policies and programs, on top of a solid financial structure.

Therefore, to enable a culture that creates a joyous, efficient and collaborative work environment we are developing various policies and programmes.  

One thing we heavily focus on is to assert a fair and meritocratic system which rewards people who take initiative and bring success, to achieve it we have prepared our payout policy accordingly.

Payout Policy

This will be the minimum amount an employee will earn, it will be equal each month, and will be adjusted to inflation each year also will be increased each year with seniority even if no protomotion takes place. 

We believe equal job deserves equal pay. So regardless of everything same position will earn the same base salary. 


Every employee that works on a project will earn a performance bonus. A certain percent of each project’s income is pooled for performance bonus which is shared between all project stakeholders according to effort they have put in and their role in the project.

All stakeholders of the project must take advantage of this system fairly. 

The structure of the premium system must reward taking initiative therefore higher responsibility roles are rewarded more. 

Every stakeholder of a successful project will be rewarded for their collective effort on creating a successful title. Based on passing certain KPIs a set amount of money will be pooled to be distributed amongs the project team. 

This will be declared once we have the more data to determine exact rewards for KPIs.     

We see every member of our team as a positive contributor to our overall success. Even if an employee didn’t work on any project, we believe their role to the studio’s overall success is substantial. Especially for our earliest members.

Therefore, we are creating a stock option plan. 5% of the shares of the company will be pooled to be dynamically distributed  amongst our colleagues. Our earliest members will be rewarded with higher percentage.

If a major acqusition or merger takes place the value of those shares will be distributed to the entire workforce.

To enable this, we require a strong financial structure and a solid legal framework. This takes time but we are planning to start the programme in 2023.

Complementary to the Employee Stock Option Plan, this bonus means each time company pays dividends, entire workforce is also getting dividend payments from the shares they hold as part of the Employee Stock Option Plan.


Apart from policies we are also planning to start a few programmes. As with the case with payout policy, those programmes take time to be effective. However, Career Development Programme (CDP) and University Part-Time Support Programme will begin in 2022.

For 2023 we plan to include overseas education and masters too. 

Also in 2023 we plan to begin Flexible Work Force Programme.

You can find the details for each programme below. 


A programme to support the professional development of our team members. 

  • Covering costs of education, travel & food.
    • Online classes. 
    • Online courses.
    • Face to face courses & group courses.
    • University or Masters degree.
    • Camps, Hackhatons, GameJams etc.
  • Employment during education.
    • Part-time for university or masters degrees.
    • Full-time for local & online courses.
    • Full-time remote for overseas courses.  

A programme to support continuing university students during their education while also providing experience and ability to take initiative that has real effect on the business. 

Students will decide their own workload for the period and will be able to work whenever they see fit. 

A programme to support creating a healthy company culture and satisfied people. 

Employees will be able to shift between remote-hybrid-office models as well as decide their own workload for the next period and may even decide to switch to part time remote position for a while. 

Vice versa, an employee can ask for more workload and more responsibility. Due to our payout model, employees can create hard-working money generating winters and more relaxed, even remote full summers.

We plan to initiate this program in early 2023.   

Final words

We are building up towards a strong company culture which provides us and everyone around us a healthy and happy work environment. To achieve that we have to be really selective, this can only be achieved with the right people.

We love games, and since we love our work, we love to work. We embrace like-minded individuals and would like to welcome them to our company, where we do what we love to do. In peace and synergy.


Ancient Peacock Inc.

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