Bulldozer Dash

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Bulldozer Dash

Enhance your bulldozer, dash through the rag dolls to collect as many as you can and complete levels.
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Designed & Developed by Ancient Peacock, the game has been subject various iterations with different publishers.

Game Overview

Main Objective

Collect upgrades to enhance your bulldozer to collect as many rag dolls as you can to compete levels. 


Swipe left and right to control the direction of the vehicle.

Project Overview


Ideation and pre-production took 2 days while the development of the protoype took 10 days to complete. Changes in the second iteration took around 4 days with mostly visual changes & mechanical improvements.

Future plans for the game

We are planning an additional update in December with mechanical & visual improvements. If you’d like to test or publish the updated version and also be a part of the process don’t hesitate to contact us

Product Status

Prototype – 15 Min Gameplay


Game Designer – Egehan Kırıcı

Lead Developer – A. Yusuf Bozkurt

Lead Artist – Çağrı Kadakal

Test Status

Tested 2 Times for CTR & CPI.


  1. Moonee
  2. Kwalee

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Available Platforms

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